Yep Roc Charity Auction, Lowe Beats and more

14 Mar 2017
Yep Roc is auctioning a few nifty autographed test pressings for charity - including a copy of the Dungeon Of Horror box set, signed by Scott and Peter. Check it out the items, and learn all about test pressings, here!
Meanwhile, down in the actual Dungeon Of Horror, rumor has it that glowing tubes are attempting to warm one corner of the room, with many a track being laid down for various both specified and as-yet-undetermined purposes.  It's a good way to spend cold rainy Portland winter days and nights, even as the feet suffer mild frostbite.  Thank the heavens for matcha green tea.
And with the latest Neil Fest behind us, time to focus now on this Friday's already-sold-out K.M.R.I.A. Pogues-athon, and the Minus 5 opening slot, which is then quickly followed by the long-awaited return of The Lowe Beats, this Sunday at the Sunset in Seattle.  Getting ye olde Rollers Show back together (featuring M5er John Ramberg and YFFer Jim Sangster, both Tripwires too of course) is a rare but joyous occasion, because we love Nick -- isn't it obvious?