Who Wrote This Song - April 2021

Who Wrote This Song - April 2021
1 Apr 2021


To those who've not heard from me this year... Possibly a relief from the onslaught of music (and death) last year -- but I needed it and it seems some of you did as well. Anyway I've reached a weird space where I don't feel the need to PRODUCE, daily. But, fear not, I still have plans to continue being a songwriter/musician in the continuing apocalyptic times.

Early warning: there will be physical product. I don't mean to ask those who've purchased digital sounds to spend more money. But some do get joy and comfort from owning real spinning platters. Like me for instance - I love holding my records! So, these are imminent --

1) 20 years late will see vinyl release of YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS - BECAUSE WE HATE YOU and THE MINUS 5 - LET THE WAR AGAINST MUSIC BEGIN. These are obvious artistic peaks for both bands. Each will be released as double LPs, with the YFF including a full disc of ridiculous unreleased gems.

2) NEIL (Vol. 1) will appear on CD and double LP. It will include two additional songs, inspired by Neil, and written by me.

3) My "birthday" release ROCK & ROLL PARTY 66 has been brilliantly re-mixed, taken from mono into the glorious world of STEREO 66, arriving in vinyl and CD.

These should be available for purchase or pre-order in the next month or two on good ol'  https://scottthehoople.bandcamp.com/

Aside from these, I've been very sporadically working on the second albums from both THE NO ONES and the LUKE HAINES/PETER BUCK Combo. So both bands will have more songs to choose from when our 2020 tour dates are finally realized!

That is all, and most certainly enough. Thank you all for keeping me alive in 2020!