13 Mar 2018

What are indeed, these "Therapy Sessions", you ask?  


They are a chance to get The Minus 5 back on the boards, putting a soft foot forward, testing the murky waters as it were.


It has been a bit of an ordeal, and a stroke demands itself taken seriously.  I have been so fortunate in that I've had the time to rest and heal.  SO MUCH HELP has gotten me this far.  You all know who I am addressing: YOU.  


That being said, eventually it's time to play some music, and so, let's give it a try.  Nestling in the comfortable confines afforded by the material I hopefully have the best chance to remember: mine own, The Fabs, and Neil. 


And what better place than the hallowed Laurelthirst Public House, right here in Portland, Oregon.  Every Wednesday in April, happy hour 6 - 8 pm. 


Wish me luck!