Stroke Manor, Shows, and a bunch of other stuff going down

Stroke Manor CD cover Beatles Forever original lyrics Stroke Manor, Shows, and a bunch of other stuff going down
28 Feb 2019

It's time!  Yep Roc Records and Record Store Day have announced the upcoming Minus 5 album Stroke Manor.  I won't tell you the whole story because it's out there to be told, and sold, soon.  Let's just say I never saw this record coming, but I'm glad it made the scene.  Somehow.


And after a year of wonderful local shows, sharing the finest stages in Portland, spending time with the best friends a guy could have, playing music for the most lovely of people... well, I might be ready to take it on the road, as it were.  Now it won't be like an old-time SST-style 30 shows in 30 days deal.  No, but it's what I can do, and will.  Start off in Portland, stretching out across the great nation from Minneapolis to SOLID SOUND FESTIVAL, and back to ye olde Seattle, and a few other places in between.  Details in the "LIVE" section.


Not to lay it on y'all too thick, there will be other things coming up all over the place.  A brand new Filthy Friends album and tour.  A Young Fresh Fellows NEW RECORD.  The No Ones should finally have its oft-rumored long-player polished up and ready for publishing.  Arthur Buck is cooking up a mean follow-up.  And Mott The Hoople is back, like 1974!  (OK, I have nothing to do with that, but I'm sure appreciative.)


I'm forgetting plenty, but I'm remembering some too!