Spain Capers

17 May 2015

Nope, not talking about those tiny pickled green condiments, though they would make a terrific garnish for this new CD.

 The disco I'm speaking of is SPAIN CAPERS, made especially for YOU, the hundreds of thousands of Spanish fans, who are already lining up to attend the upcoming Scott The Hoople solo tour dates across your great and never-ending bull-promontoried peninsula.  These all-new recordings were waxed in the Dungeon of Horror one week in April, just before leaving on the Baseball Project's latest foray (which ended last night with a BANG, thank you). The track listing includes six previously unreleased or brand new McCaughey compositions, as well as four Ian Hunter songs, in tribute to the tremendous inspiration he and his Mott cohorts have provided me for so many years.  There will be a run of 300 numbered copies that will travel across the plains with us until they are exhausted.  For your enjoyment and our coffers.  Any leftovers will make a great item to be hawked in Portland at the June 5 Secret Society show with John Wesley Harding.  That's the way things work around here.