30 Apr 2020

SCOTT THE HOOPLE takes on The Quarantine!  Who wins?  You, the listener?

I had found myself bereft of inspiration, foundering in our world today, unable to write, unable even to read the Sunday NY Times.  I had written one new song, that dealt with some plastic singing chickens that Peter Buck had taken to, uh, 'document'ing. Ten days ago I decided that would show me the way... I had recorded that song, so why not challenge myself to turn it into an album?  So I did.  Songs fit the situation — so not the most uplifting, but then, I’ve never been that guy (despite what you may think!).
I guess I’m embracing Scott The Hoople as my solo alter-ego to my not-solo The Minus 5.  This time my solo-ness was forced on me.  But I still managed to rope in some long-distance love -- Joe Adragna, John Perrin, Mike Giblin, Spencer Tweedy and Kurt Bloch helped bring this project in by ‘deadline' (with a Bandcamp First Of May free day as impetus)!   And Peter did provide the album cover, and inadvertently got the whole ball rolling.
So here's a collection of songs I just recorded, at home.  I'm so extremely fortunate to somehow be able to do this. You know why -- so many reasons.