Bountiful Portland

Kurt, Linda and Scott vs. KRAKEN Satan Is Real! Miles City, MT
13 Mar 2015

Bozeman, Missoula and Seattle treated us like the queens we are.  Stellar evenings all.  Lots of miles between and many of them bringing eyes from phone to front - mountain light over amber waves of dirt, granite skyscrapers set to crush us, clouds that were epic films.  The Barbers of Smelterville.  A Louvin Brothers guitar (photo by Spencer). Good to hang with Ron Sanchez, the high commandant of Donovan's Brain and Career Records (, and ever-wondrous wife Karen who chose sweet Gene Clark sounds for the after show wind-down.  Sometimes you just have to walk down Tompy Street.

Old hometown Seattle made us proud - we played nine new ones in our eleven-song set and the crowd was with us all the way.  It didn't hurt that Joltin' John Ramberg played the whole set, giving us a veritable Molly Hatchet splendor.  Afterwards there was some fun, KRAKEN-style (photo by Linda).  Super-stoked for the big bash at the Crystal Ballroom in beautiful downtown Portland tomorrow.  Records will be broken.

Oh yeah, and a nifty album review by the great David Fricke in Rolling Stone - not bad for a bunch of chump. Read it and reap: