Hey Hey It's The Flywheels!

Young Kim The Mod!
29 Aug 2016

Ladies and Gentlebirds --


It's with the utmost love and respect that I direct you to Kickstarter, in order that you may see and hear a little bit about the Flywheels.  My long-time friends Kim and Eric, who might be familiar to the exhalted few of you who hail Jimmy Silva as a songwriting icon, made a record last year, and it's going to see the light of day, dammit!  This will be the one and only Flywheels record -- yes, Eric has left us -- and making it was one of the greatest and saddest pleasures of my life.  We are so proud of the album.  It's called I'm For The Flowers, and there is so much that I can say about our collaborators and guests, but better that I just beseech you to have a look right here to see what it's all about, as Kim presents it all so beautifully.  Thank you for your time and kind consideration -- ye shall not regret it!